What people are saying about the Friendship Circle…

“Aaron is a pleasure. We meet every other week. His parents are incredibly supportive of the program and so easy to work with. David enjoys Aaron's company and looks forward to his visits. Right now, he is even helping David to learn how to ride a 2-wheeler which is hard work. I can't speak highly enough about Aaron and the program.
Thank you. “
– Robert Fox

“Dear Zev and Chani,

Thank you so much for the Friendship Circle. During dinner Annie repeatedly said her name and looked outside. She was telling us she needed something outside. We realized that she left the hamantaschen and bird feeder in the car. She was so proud of the hamantachen. She was so proud of herself and pleased to share what she made with her family. It was very special and we are so appreciative and grateful for the Friendship Circle! 

Thank you so much.”
– Liza Kramer

“Adina loves Avigail! She is very good with Adina and seems to be able to redirect Adina's angst when she gets very upset and only focuses on whatever one thing that is bothering her (usually her little brother). I think for a few weeks in the summer, she's also going to babysit which will be a great help! She can still do her friends at home but she's so great when she interacts with both kids (when I can't keep Ben away from their girl play — which is what I think it should be, Avigail and Adina time) that I think it would work just fine with the three of them as Avigail might be able to help Adina grow into her big sister role a bit, which she is definitely having trouble with.”
– Rebecca Cohen

“Freida LOVES Dani. She is so creative and keeps bringing amazing projects for them to do together. Freida is in heaven. They made bracelets, picture frames, and a mobile. She took Freida out for a ride on her power wheels thing that I never have time for. She even came during Pesach which was such a relief for me because one less kid to distract me from my cooking for an hour! Her parents have been great too about keeping her very consistent. She is really a great girl. Very impressed.”
– Sara Atkins