Our Community Shares…

All of this support and programming, all of the fun, friendship and assistance we get from FC is free to us and the rest of the community. Given the additional costs of raising kids with special needs, this is so helpful to us. With your help, FC will continue to offer and expand their programs, and we will continue to feel blessed beyond measure to be a part of this amazing community.”
- FC Mom

“My involvement with FC has taught me what it means to be a friend and a community member. As part of leadership, I find myself more engaged in the community and aware of the workings behind it. Being on the Teen Board has shown me that my voice matters and that I can make an impact.  It has inspired me to take on more challenges and try to improve other areas of my community.”
FC Teen


“My first impression of Sophie was that she was nervous. I felt comfortable with her because I could sense she really wanted to get to know me. My brain can keep up even if my body can’t. I don’t like it when people slow down. I can understand things in normal time. I learned that I have a lot to teach people about different ways of communicating."
- Ally,
a member of FC for 10 years and Co-chair of 2019 FC Gala


My boys faces light up when they talk about their friends, and look forward to being with them. They WANT to go each session because otherwise, they will miss seeing and hanging out with their friends. These friendships are deep and real and special.
FC Mom 

Everyone has their special skill, quirk, joke, or funny trick, and FC was the first place that demonstrated to me at a young age that everyone’s special qualities can be brought out and celebrated when they feel accepted and included. In an inclusive environment where the pressure of outside expectations fades away, you have the freedom to explore your strengths.
FC Teen 


I feel that FC’s message and mission is really bringing the community together when we are so divided in so many ways. I think it’s really, really important for our children to understand to be accepting, patient, and respectful of others and FC teaches this. At a time when we are so divided and people are so judgemental and hostile, FC is a model for our greater community”.
- Nancy Black,
Donor and Co-Host of 2019 FC Gala

“Being involved has been a wonderful way for us to feel a part of something much larger than us, and unquestionably supportive....I don't know how we would have made it through the past 15+ years without FC!”
- FC Dad