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Fellowship Awards

Fellowship Awards are presented to teens and young adults who demonstrate outstanding commitment to The Friendship Circle. We honor their dedication at an annual Fellowship Award Ceremony at the end of each programming year.

To receive an award:

30 hours = Bronze Fellowship Award
60 hours = Silver Fellowship Award
90 hours = Gold Fellowship Award
120 hours = Platinum Fellowship Award

*Hours roll over from year to year, allowing recipients to achieve higher levels of recognition at each milestone.

**Package assembly and delivery hours count towards Fellowship hours. Please take photos and log your hours for accurate recording.

***Anytime spent with an FC friend outside of formal programming counts towards Fellowship hours (subject to FC staff discretion). Please take photos and log your hours for accurate recording. 

Awardees must also have participated in 2 out of 3 FC Community Events (Philly Friendship Walk, FC Art Show, Annual Gala) in some way (i.e. attending the event or volunteering at it, actively fundraising for the event, creating material to be displayed at the event, etc).  

2020 Fellowship Awardees

Platinum (120 Hours):

Debby Armstrong
Sarah Baram
Benjamin Bernstein
Steven Bomze
Mia Erlbaum
Lily Kelley
Michelle Kelly
Jacob Kerstein
Amalia Littwin
Michael Neff
Ben Rosenthal
Raffi Stein-Klotz
Jackie Swartz
Aubrey Tillman

Gold (90 Hours):

Nicole Banner
Jordyn Beller
Rachel Hahn
Jonah Katz
Avery Love
Tyler Pohl
Maya Posner
Rebecca Shaid
Ryan Singer

Silver (60 Hours):

Leon Abramson
Avery Adelman
Elisheva Apple
Ayelet Cooperberg
Madison Gindea
Joshua Indik
Livvy Kaliner
Andrew Kineke
Gavi Littwin
Noah Matunis
Katelyn McNulty
Lauren Oblon
Evan Picker
Shoshana Pontell
Helen Rudoler
Shirat SimonHazan
Alexa Sussan
Jane Whellan
Ben Wolf
Zachary Zeaman

Bronze (30 Hours):

Allyson Abramson
Dovi Baram
Joshua Bleicher-Nugent
Eric Cohen
Lindsay Eggert
Stella Eisenberg
Jake Goldstein
Izzy Greenberg
Anita Hoffman
Nathan Horwitz
Sarah Joseph
Shayna Kaye
Lewis Kineke
Maxie Mandel
Noah Miller
Aidan Nadell
Hayden Picker
Elan Savett
Jacob Schwartz
Ma’ayan Schwartz
Aaron Silber
Ethan Silber
Jack Stockmal
Karly Teicher
Alexa Verne
Gideon Wolf