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Parent Programs
"I feel part of a larger, special community. I went to my first event with my son a few weeks ago and realized that I knew other parents who were also members of the Friendship Circle! It made me feel closer to them and lucky that I found out about this organization!” -Nancy, FC Mom

Parents Networking Sessions: You can catch a breather, network with other parents, exchange ideas, and gain insights from expert speakers. Each session runs concurrently with our Sunday Circle program.

ListServ: Join our local online community of Friendship Circle parents - a great networking resource. Please e-mail Seth, our moderator, to be added to the group:

Parent Directory: The parent directory is a private listing to assist families in connecting with other families, share information regarding doctors, therapies, programs, strategies, etc. Please email our office for more info: or Click here to login

Part of creating an inclusive community is creating programs for parents.  These programs offer info sessions to learn more about care providers, how changes in laws effect individuals with disabilities, and other inclusive programs.  In addition this space provides a platform for parents to network, socialize, relax and have personal time.