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All current programs are virtual. Click here to learn more.

Parent Programs

"I feel part of a larger, special community. I went to my first event with my son a few weeks ago and realized that I knew other parents who were also members of the Friendship Circle! It made me feel closer to them and lucky that I found out about this organization!”  -Nancy, FC Mom


Parents Lounge at Sunday Circle

You can catch a breather or join fellow parents to connect, learn and support one another.  

Parent Seminars 

Parent Seminars: Come learn from and connect with the large network of FC parents. Join workshops focusing on topics that are important to you such as care providers, how changes in laws effect individuals with disabilities, planing for your child's future, and other inclusive programs. 


Join our local online community of Friendship Circle parents - a great networking resource. Reach out and let us know you'd like to be added to the group.

Parent's Nights Out

Celebrate One Another
Nosh. Connect. Shmooze. Laugh. Breathe. Repeat.

Moms Pampering Nights: TBA
Dads Night Out: TBA